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ACT joins FBOs calling for action at the Asian Ministerial Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction

The Asia Pacific Faith-Based Coalition for Sustainable Development has developed a joint Statement emphasizing the role of FBOs in the localization of risk reduction, resilience building and humanitarian action in relation to disaster risk reduction.
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World Refugee Day 2018 #WithRefugee

Today, together with all ACT Alliance members, we pray for the families that every day are forced to flee their homes to escape conflict and danger. People like you, people like me. #WithRefugees #WorldRefugeeDay

We are pleased to launch the Forums Good Practice Guide (GPG) and the ACT Forum Award (AFA) as a new space to further strengthen ACT forums as one of ACT Alliance basic structures and as meaningful arenas for ACT members to engage; providing an opportunity for ACT forums to share knowledge, expertise and experience.
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A strategy for ACT Alliance

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The aim of the strategy revision process was to start a conversation across the Alliance regarding where we are after eight and a half years in our present format, what we’ve achieved together, what has changed in the world around us, and how our work has enabled those we seek to assist to realise their hopes and ambitions for the good of the communities and nations where they live.
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Comfortable Wide Soft Material Heel Women's Red “You should always look for success and it will boost you”, says a young Syrian-Armenian entrepreneur

“It was the second year that the Round Table (WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation) organized a web design training, which I participated in. It was very good and effective. We learned to write codes and create web pages”, she said. After the completion of the training, Angela began working as a freelancer mainly at home.
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A silent disaster and the forgotten people

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Bangladesh is among the world’s “potential impact hotspots” threatened by “extreme river floods” due to the global rise in temperatures. Since the beginning of August, monsoon rains across the entire country and upstream areas in India and Nepal gradually led to severe flooding. Even for communities in Bangladesh 2017 has been a catastrophic year.
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Material Comfortable Red Women's Wide Heel Soft

Where we work

ACT Alliance is a coalition of 146 churches and faith-based organisations working together in over 100 countries.

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[PRESS RELEASE] Could Bangkok climate talks unlock the ‘Paris Rulebook’ stalemate?

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