Platform Women's Mini Strap Ankle Black Chunky Heels 8tq8w

Platform Women's Mini Strap Ankle Black Chunky Heels 8tq8w Platform Women's Mini Strap Ankle Black Chunky Heels 8tq8w
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ISSN: 2148-7286   Heels Ankle Platform Women's Chunky Mini Strap Black eISSN: 2149-1305

Addicta: The Turkish Journal on Addictions is an international scientific journal for the publication of research and studies covering all aspects of addiction and related disorders. Representing an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of recent data and expert opinions, it reflects the importance of a comprehensive approach for resolving the problems of substance abuse and addiction in Turkey. Addicta is the official peer-reviewed, international journal of the Turkish Green Crescent Society.

Addicta publishes peer-reviewed research reports on addictions, bringing together research conducted within various disciplines. Articles include theoretical, philosophical, and political essays, research papers, research on addictive behaviors that include evidence-based clinical practice, clinical, epidemiological, human experimental, case reports, and historical research related to any substance or activity with the potential to be abused or related to any aspect of addiction. In addition to original research, the journal features both article and book reviews.

Studies that clearly contribute to the current knowledge of addiction and drug abuse, its prevention, social policy, and/or treatment are given priority. Scholarly commentaries on topical issues and systematic reviews are also encouraged.

Getting a little additional height can be done in a cute way when you have shoes like this in your closet. The slight lift of the platform as well as from the medium heel gives you a few extra inches that will make you look great. The rounded toe box means that your toes are going to be extremely comfortable without having to deform the integrity of the shoe. To maintain the position of your foot in the shoe, connected to the back of the high closed back is the ankle strap that connects through a strap in the top of the back. This strap buckles on the outside with a metal buckle that features a draping medallion from it. The all white color of the shoe means that you’re going to have the ability to wear these shoes with any outfit that you would like to wear.

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