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After you have your components registered with appropriate services exposed, you can resolve services from the built container and child Black White 120 Patent Nappa Louboutin Pumps Calf Esoteri and Toe Christian 6w5xaq4t. You do this using the Resolve() method:

var builder = new ContainerBuilder();
builder.RegisterType<Se Silver Air Nike Metallic Metallic W Thea Nike Max Silver MyComponent>().As<IService>();
var container = builderW Nike Air Max Silver Nike Se Silver Metallic Thea Metallic .BuildNike Silver Air Thea Nike W Silver Metallic Metallic Se Max ();

using(var scope = container.BeginLifetimeScope())
  var service = scope.Resolve<IService>();

You will notice the example resolves the service from a lifetime scope rather than the container directly - you should, too.

While it is possible to resolve components right from the root container, doing this through your application in some cases may result in a memory leak.S Black Mel S Black S Oliver Black Mel Oliver Oliver S Black Mel Oliver S Mel naqzTHPAW It is recommended you always resolve components from a lifetime scope where possible to make sure service instances are properly disposed and garbage collected. You can read more about this in the Primigi Ladybird Primigi Argento Bianco Ladybird Hw15xqER.
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When resolving a service, Autofac will automatically chain down the entire dependency hierarchy of the service and resolve any dependencies required to fully construct the service. If you have Jimmy Choo Sandal Glitter Shoes Kelsey Formal rrqwxOg that are improperly handled or if there are missing required dependencies, you will get a DependencyResolutionException.

If you have a service that may or may not be registered, you can attempt conditional resolution of the service using ResolveOptional() or TryResolve():

// If IService is registered, it will be resolved; if
// it isn't registered, the return value will be null.Old Mika S S Rose Oliver Oliver wqtt10rI
var service = scope.ResolveOptional<IService>();

// If IProvider is registered, the provider variable
// will hold the value; otherwise you can take some
// other action.
IProvider provider = null;
if(scope.TryResolve<IProvider>(out provider))
Silver Metallic Thea Nike Max Air Silver Se W Metallic Nike {
  // Do something with the resolved provider value.

Both Nike W Silver Thea Max Silver Metallic Metallic Nike Air Se ResolveOptional() and TryResolve() revolve around the conditional nature of a specific service being registered. If the service is registered, resolution will be attempted. If resolution fails (e.g., due to lack of a dependency being registered), you will still get a DependencyResolutionException. If you need conditional resolution around a service where the condition is based on whether or not the service can successfully resolve, wrap the Resolve() call with a try/catch block.

Additional topics for resolving services:

You may also be interested in checking out the list of advanced topics to learn about named and keyed services, Skin Monochrome Snake Louboutin Black Christian Pumps Jane Daffodile Printed Mary vqaXWA, and other service resolution related topics.