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Enterprise Issue Organizer

Structure plugin lets you organize JIRA issues into hierarchy. It is a versatile tool that can greatly expand the ways you can use JIRA for Project Management, Requirements Management, QA and Help Desk.

With Structure, you can maintain a big picture of all projects in the company, have common view of the overall progress, build requirements lists and test plans, organize help desk, prioritize backlogs, visualize links between issues or create a personal to-do list.

Latest Version: 5.0
Released: August 16, 2018
Supports JIRA: 7.2—7.11+
Supports Portfolio for JIRA: 2.6.1—2.13.0+
Supports Tempo: 8.5.1 - 8.11.0+ (Accounts 3.3 - 3.9+)

Structure Benefits

  • Unlimited Hierarchy

    Issue hierarchy may have any depth (sub-issues, sub-sub-issues and so on), and contain issues from multiple projects and of any issue type.

  • The Big Picture

    A structure may include important tasks and milestones from all projects in the company, and provide overview of the progress for the management — in Jira or in an Excel report.

  • Time-Saving Templates

    Whether it's a new employee checklist or a test plan, you can save time and effort by cloning a pre-populated template structure instead of creating all the issues by hand.

  • Leather Beige Shoes Love Soluri I Keep Work Organized

    When issues are collected into meaningful structures, you can quickly browse them and see the context of each issue.

  • Total Progress and Time

    Track total time spent, total estimation or overall progress — Structure aggregates this information upwards through the hierarchy.

  • Visualize Relationships

    Get a single view of an already existing hierarchical relationships, represented as issue links, sub-tasks or Agile Epic-Story links.

  • Extend and Integrate

    Structure plugin has a well-documented API, allowing integration with your existing infrastructure through additional custom-made Jira add-ons. Extensions like Structure.Testy and Structure.Pages are an example of what can be achieved with the API.

Screenshots, Videos and Features in Detail
Love Beige Leather Shoes Soluri I Testimonials
One strong business case is that with Structure, we can do proper iteration planning based on the Time Sum columns. I Soluri Love Leather Beige Shoes — Lars Lundegård, Saab Group
Structure API documentation was fantastic — much more than I ever expected and certainly makes integrating with Structure straightforward. — Tony Filipe, Software Developer, CGU Insurance Limited
Great plugin, especially when having the need of linking issues across different projects in a hierarchical structure! Above all, great support from ALM Works. — Peter Tomolik, Head of Product Development,
004 Beratungs- und Dienstleistungs GmbH
Structure - The Issue Organizer Jira Project Management
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